"Alliance without political prisoners" calls on to support the resolution of the European Parliament

  Newspapers are closed, journalists are beaten, civil society  has almost  stopped  its operation due to pressure and blackmail. Arrests and torture of human rights defenders have become common. With more than 100 political prisoners, with the ban on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, the country presiding over the Council of Europe and is preparing for the European Games," reads the statement  of the Alliance "Azerbaijan has no political prisoners. "

The next step of illegality  became the arrest of members of  flashmob in Sheki - members of the Popular Front Party Ali Abdullayev and  Rauf Abdurrahimli who were  sentenced to 5 days, Mubariz Abdulkarimov and Islam Hasanov  were fined 500 manats.

 Since  2013- year, in violation of the constitutional provision on freedom of assembly, more than 75 people  were fined from 500 to 3,000 manat.

More than 10 people were sentenced to administrative arrest of up to 30 days, and sentenced to long terms of more than 15 people, including members of the youth organization "NİDA", the statement reads.

 The European Parliament adopted  recently a resolution on the grave violations of human rights in Azerbaijan. "We definitely support this resolution and urge all international organizations to support the resolution and facilitate the release of political prisoners," reads the statement. —06D--

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