Azerbaijan may increase agricultural exports to Russia

"Whatever sanctions have  been taken in relation to Russia, Russia is our neighbor, and this is determined by life and history, said at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday, Azerbaijani Ambassador Polad Bulbul oglu.  "Different forces and countries try to influence us, hosts a variety of public relations campaign - said the ambassador, answering the question whether Baku external pressure  is put in Baku due to cooperation with Russia.  But we take it quietly. External pressure on us does not  work," the ambassador quoted by ITAR-TASS.

Baku  convinced that any conflicts, including in Ukraine, should be resolved by negotiations. "The events in Ukraine is a very bad moment in the life of all the countries that were part of the Soviet Union. What is happening  now in Ukraine  could not be  seen  even at the  worst nightmares. Azerbaijan  is a  supporter of territorial integrity of states, and it is impossible to break the world order, formed after world War II, " said the diplomat.

According to him, Baku  states  "that it is an internal affair of Ukraine." "There's essentially a civil war. Believe that any conflict should be settled by political means, through negotiations," said the Ambassador.

Azerbaijan is ready to rapidly increase exports of agricultural products to Russia with the guarantee that this product will be bought. At the same time, responding to a question from correspondent ITAR-TASS news agency, he said that it is not only the export of fruits and vegetables, but also for poultry, eggs, and other products.

"Azerbaijan provides itself completely, and we are ready to rapidly increase the volume of exports, - assured the ambassador.  But there must be a guarantee that the product will be bought  even in the case of the lifting of sanctions."

"The main problem is that the producers and entrepreneurs are afraid of administrative barriers, long customs clearance. Indeed, agricultural products is perishable goods," said the diplomat.

In his opinion, it is first necessary to create a "normal conditions of private owners so that administrative obstacles do not prevent them." "These mechanisms must be improved, and people, the farmers will  help," he said. -02D-

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