CE Secretary General: "Making a hero out of a murder convict is unacceptable"

In a statement today the Council of Europe's Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland said that murder - such as that committed by Ramil Safarov - cannot be glorified.

"Ramil Safarov was convicted for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary. On August 31, he was transferred to Azerbaijan, and immediately pardoned. I do not want to comment on the legal proceedings, but I find it unacceptable that a convicted murderer is welcomed as a hero."

"I reject the prospect of a world whose moral code begins to fray, where respect for human dignity is denied. This is not the Europe that we should wish for future generations. I condemn such glorification of crime, and urge that we all work to uphold the respect for life, and our values as defended by the Council of Europe", he said. -0-


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