Center to Resist Repression (CRR) calls to boycott of the European Games

  The CRR under the Institute for Peace and Democracy has launched a campaign to boycott the European Games in Baku in 2015.  Relevant statement  was sent to the European Olympic Committee, and the office of the committee in the European Union,  reads the  statement of the head of IMD. Leyla Yunus.

She considers "unacceptable" the Games under the auspices of the Olympic Movement " in the authoritarian Azerbaijan, which violates every fundamental human rights and democratic freedoms."

"In the twentieth century  began the violation  of  the basic principle of the Olympic Games tolerance, commitment to peace. In 1936, after the Nazis came to power, the Olympic Games were held in Berlin. Only after the Second World War,  the policy of  IOC  in 30s was censured, and the IOC made ​​a public apology.

However, in  less than half a century the IOC decided to hold the 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. Then 64 countries boycotted the Olympics in Moscow to protest against the

sending troops to Afghanistan, persecution of Soviet dissidents and Jews.

Putin's Russia, succeeded almost all the vices of the USSR,  is proud of the victory over the ideas of peace and tolerance - underlying the Olympic Games.  This  absolute promiscuity  of IOC inspired  the Caucasian dictator, Ilham Aliyev, to hold the first European Games in authoritarian Azerbaijan ",  reads the statement from  Leyla Yunus.

The document further alleges a violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan - the right to life, freedom from torture, the right to property, the right to a fair trial, etc., and provides specific examples.

In Azerbaijan have been arrested 11 journalists and bloggers, human rights defenders 5, 11 young activists, and  two opposition leaders. "Complete  absence of an independent judiciary in Azerbaijan deprived citizens of the right to a fair trial and every dissenter  is in danger of being  of being convicted by  political order,"  said in the appeal. In conclusion, Leyla Yunus urged to reconsider  the decision on conducting  the European Games in Baku.

"Freethinkers citizens  of our  country and supporters of justice throughout the world begin a campaign of protest against the European Games in authoritarian,  in Azerbaijan drenched in blood and tears,” reads the appeal. —06D-

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