New service from "Expressbank"

Clients of the "Expressbank"  now "private office." The new service allows to  pay loans, replenish the deposit and current account deposits into the bank card without leaving  homes (offices.) To do this, you have to register on the corporate site of

Operations may be conducted though bank card of any bank. In the case of bank card served  by processing center "Millikart", Commission for the operation is not deducted, but from the cards from banks and other processing centers for each transaction will be deducted 1% commission.

With the "Personal Account"  the bank customers will also be able to obtain information about the rooms of their contracts, types of products, the amounts in their accounts, the amounts outstanding under the loan and accrued interest on deposits, as well as other useful information.

This bank is considered to be a monopolist  of consumer and other loans issued by the energy sector. Workers and auxiliary power units  have been warned of impossibility  of getting credits in  other structures.

Expressbank was established in 1989. Its main shareholders are the capital LLC «ADOR» (42%) and «Interenerji» (40%), registered at the address where have been  registered members of the family of the head of state. In addition, the share of 17.4% owned entity "Power", registered in the village Gyryly  in Agstafa. - 17D-

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