Conde replaces Agramunt at the post of Rapporteur for Azerbaijan

 At a meeting on Wednesday the PACE Monitoring Committee appointed Spanish deputy Agustín Conde a  new rapporteur for Azerbaijan, and another Spaniard, Pedro Agramunt. According to the Committee, Conde is a member of the Monitoring Committee and a group of the European People's Party.

A 50-year old Conde was one of the 140 PACE deputies who voted for the resolution on June 23 in Azerbaijan, where the authorities sharply criticized for violations of human rights and democracy.

Reason for Agramunt’sleaving is not reported. However, previously the head of the Monitoring Committee Schennach Stefan said that the speakers are exposed to serious pressure and criticism from all sides.

The second speaker Polish MP Iwiński Tadeusz was also appointed this year instead of the Maltese Debono Grech. -02D-

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