ECHR ordered Azerbaijan to pay 15 applicants 126 thousand euros in compensation

Baku/13.01.22/Turan: The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on January 13 announced six decisions on 15 applications from Azerbaijan. The court ruled to pay compensation to the applicants in the total amount of over 126,000 euros, according to the website, which monitors the decisions of the ECHR.

In the complaint of Said Hashemi and others - refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan, the ECHR saw a violation of the rights to privacy. The government must pay each applicant € 2,100. The essence of the complaint is that the Azerbaijani authorities refused to grant citizenship to their children born in Azerbaijan.

In the complaint "Akif Nasirli and Others v. Azerbaijan", the ECHR found a violation of the applicants' rights. Each of them will be paid € 4,750. This case is related to the refusal to register an NGO. The applicants complained of a violation of the right to freedom of association and a fair trial.

In the complaint of Mehman Agayev against Azerbaijan, the parties agreed to a “peace settlement” and the government would pay the applicant 11,000 euros. This case is related to a violation of property rights when the applicant's apartment was demolished during the construction of Winter Boulevard in Baku. The Azerbaijani government also agreed to pay € 1,750 in compensation to each of the five applicants in the Jalilov and others v. Azerbaijan case. This case is related to non-execution of court decisions.

The complaint by the leader of the Umid party, Igbal Aghazadeh, was removed from the list of cases, as the applicant withdrew his appeal. The case was related to violations during the 2015 parliamentary elections.

In the complaint of Tural Jafarov (Gan Turaly) against Azerbaijan, the parties reached an amicable agreement and the government will pay the applicant 8,300 euros. The case concerned the distribution of intimate shots of a journalist, filmed in a hotel room.

The complaint of Balakishiyev, Surkhaev and others against Azerbaijan also ended in an amicable settlement and the government will pay € 4,750 to 15 out of 16 applicants and € 5,000 to one applicant. All applicants are activists of the opposition camp. -03B-

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