Established identity of those who fired at police in Gusar (UPDATED)

The Interior Ministry issued an official report on the armed incident in the Gusar region (180 km to the north of Baku).

According to the press service of the Ministry of the Interior, October 16 at 8:00 a.m. an unknown struck with a blunt object an employee of the currency exchange Sadir Mustafaev and took 6,000 manats from him in Gusar.

As a result of operative investigative measures, the criminal was arrested. He appeared to be a resident of Gusar Edick Rustamov.

When the police and the detainee went for the hidden money in the wooded area indicated, two unidentified men opened fire on the police. As a result, police Maj. Ghalib Guliyev was killed and three other policemen were wounded.

The attackers fled. Nothing is reported if Rustamov fled with them. 

Police later found that those who fired on the police were residents of Gusar, Faig Shakhmuradov and Ramiz Raghimkhanov. Investigation is underway and activities are undertaken to capture the criminals.

Earlier, local sources reported that police were attacked by members of a radical religious group, but the Ministry of Interior did not confirm this.

According to information from Gusar, entrances to the city are controlled by armed police. The overall situation in the city is calm.

Recall that a large part of the population of Gusar is ethnic Lezghins. The situation in this area in recent years has traditionally been strongly influenced by radical Islamists - the Wahhabis. Over the past 10 years in the Gusar area law enforcement conducted several operations against radical armed groups that had links with groups in the Northern Caucasus. -16D-


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2013 October 16 (Wednesday) 23:44:48

In the Gusar area in the north of Azerbaijan search operations are conducted to apprehend persons who opened fire on the police.
According to information from sources in the area, police attempted to detain a person who was wanted on Oct. 16. In the house where the man was hiding, there were a few people adherent to radical religious views. According to the police, they opened fire. One of the policemen was killed and three others wounded. The gunmen managed to escape.
At present, measures are taken to apprehend these people in Gusar. Checkpoints have been set up at all entrances and exits from the area. Additional police forces from the neighboring areas, as well as special forces have been deployed in the district. -06D -


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