Ex-deputies of parliament call on to investigate the acts of Ramiz Mehdiyev

Azerbaijani MPs of 1990-1995 convocation, accused the head of the Presidential Administration, Ramiz Mehdiyev, of settling personal scores with his former colleagues in the Communist Party. The talk is about deputies who removed him from the post of Secretary for Ideology Communist Party of Azerbaijan in the late 80's. Mehdiyev was dismissed for nepotism (nakhchivanization) in personnel policy, for nepotism and servility.

Former MPs believe that it is Mehdiyev who impedes the designation of their pensions, which  receive the deputies of  subsequent convocations - about 1,000 manat.

At the meeting  on Tuesday, the ex-MPs  called  on to carry out a thorough service and criminal investigations into allegations made against Mehdiyev during a  corruption scandal "Gulargeyt."

One of the former deputies said that careful examination  of Mehdiyev ‘s activity will  reveal  many things that he was able to hide, thanks to  his high post.

Therefore, ex-deputies decided to appeal to the president of the country. 

Ex-MPs believe that the upcoming elections create favorable opportunities to draw attention to social problems.

A permanent meeting of former MPs finds it necessary to  activate  the work for protecting  their demands, social rights of  pensioners of all categories of the  Azerbaijan Republic. –0—


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