Four supporters of theologian T.Bagirzade are subjected to administrative arrests

Four believers arrested on  October 28 in front of Sabunchu District Court of Baku during the trial  in the case of a theologian Taleh Bagirzade  were subjected to administrative arrest. 

Earlier, a spokesman of the Sabunchu prosecutor's office stated that a  lawsuit was filed under the Article 315.2 of the Criminal Code (resistance to authority and violence, threatening the health and life) in respect of four  people detained  near Sabunchu court. On November 1, Elchin Behbudov, a  head of the Committee against Tortures,  said that three of the detainees were subjected to administrative detention for 15 days, another for 30 days .

Behbudov visited them on Friday in the detention center of the Interior Ministry. According to him, Bakir Suleymanov , Shahriyar Abbasov and Tabriz Sabirli  have been arrested for 15 days under Article 310.2 of the Code of Administrative Offences ( not submission to  police.) Abbas Huseynov was arrested for 30 days. He is also found guilty under Article 68-1 of the Administrative Code (" the manufacture, acquisition, possession , transportation or delivery of drugs not in an amount necessary for personal use"), drugs were found in his blood during the examination.

According to Behudov, the  arrested  did not complain about the conditions of detention. They complained of physical pressure on them by the police. Behbudov informed the leadership of the City Police. However, in the detention center he was told that force was used  against the detainees because they resisted the police.

On October 28 the police forced out of the courthouse  the believers who came to the trial  in the case of theologian Bagirzade. Then the police started to use force against the believers ,  and detained about 20 people. Most of the detainees were released late at night. However, four remained in custody. -06D -


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