Guler Akhmedova is accused of murder

At today's hearing in the case of ex-MP Guler Akhmedova gave testimony the aunt and sister of the late Sevinc Babayeva, partner of Akhmedova   extorting $1 million from Elshad Abdullayev, the Rector of the International University.

First, at the trial in Baku Serious Crimes Court, chaired by  Alisultan Osmanov,   the floor was given to  Babayeva’s aunt,  Zarifa  Jabiyeva. She said that in the summer of 2012, when she was visiting her sister, her niece Sevinc Babayeva came and said that  she was poisoned.

"We took her to several hospitals, but  they did not accept her, because she did not look sick. Then she was accepted in  "Semashko." But the next day Sevinc asked us  to take her from there, because she was afraid  of being killed. We took her  and placed at the  hospital of the Customs," said Jabiyeva .

According to her, on the eve of Sevinc Babaeva dined with Guler Akhedova  at “Sultan” restaurant. Sevinc said she ate a chicken, and I felt that the meat was bitter," said the aunt of the deceased. She further said that after departure to Turkey Babayeva called her, and swore that she did not take a penny from the money transferred  by Elshad.

Guler  told her to be patient , because  on her return to  Azerbaijan, a “composer” will appoint her to new  post ( under the composer she meant the Minister of Emergency Situations, Kamaladdin Heydarov.)

Akhmedova called it lies and added that  she many times helped Sevinc Babayeva.

Then gave testimony  S.Babayeva’s sister, Tarana Safarova. She stated  that the doctor of the  Customs Hospital, named Ghalib, told her that her sister had been poisoned, and  will live only  six months.

Sevinc was  treated for some time and she felt better, but  on September 26  she said that she could not stay in Baku, and  had to fly to Turkey, said Safarova.

Safarova added that when she  was visiting her sister in Turkey, Babayeva spoke with Akhmedova on Skype.

"Guler said: “Sevinj, I gave money to Ramiz Mehdiyev, and he spoke with the president at his dacha. The issue will be resolved."  The next day, Sevinc  felt worse, but she was not accepted to the  Jarrahpasha Clinic because she did not have a passport.  Guler said she had discussed her case with Kamaladdin," Safarova said.

However, the  Gular Akhmedova called the testimonies of  the  witness a "lie", and claimed that they were learn by Abdullayev.

Turning to the defendant Safarova exclaimed : "You poisoned  her, and you  sent her to Turkey."  The  trial is ongoing. —16D—


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