Head of the European Union to visit South Caucasus

On 20-22 July the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, will make regional trip to the South Caucasus countries. According to the website of the European Council, on 20 July Tusk will arrive in Yerevan, and in the evening will for Tbilisi. On 21 July, he will stay in Georgia and will arrive in Baku on 22 July. During the visit, Tusk will meet with presidents and prime ministers of the three countries, as well as with representatives of civil society and the opposition. The report states that the main purpose of the visit and meetings is evaluation of the implementation of the Eastern Partnership after the Riga summit in May this year. At the event, Donald Tusk, called for concrete results in the implementation of the Eastern Partnership. "This trip will be a good demonstration of the commitment of the EU to promote the close, differentiated relationships with sovereign partners." It should be noted that official Baku has repeatedly stated at the highest level, the importance of establishment direct cooperation between Baku and Brussels beyond the obligations under the Eastern Partnership. -02В-

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