International Community Called on Baku to Release Emin Huseynov from Azerbaijan

US Congress Helsinki Commission Chairman Christopher Smith called on the Azerbaijani authorities to allow the human rights defender Emin Huseynov ensconced by the prosecution at the Swiss embassy to leave the country.

"As head of the Institute of Freedom and Safety (IRFS), Emin Huseynov has worked tirelessly in support of journalists and media freedom in Azerbaijan.

I appeal to President Aliyev calling to let Huseynov safely leave the Swiss embassy and leave the country.

Unfortunately, the persecution of Mr. Huseynov is part of a larger campaign against human rights defenders," said Smith.

In turn, a source in the State Department informed Radio Liberty - Free Europe that US officials on behalf of Huseynov contact with the Government of Azerbaijan and urge the authorities to allow Huseynov to safely leave the country. The United States supports the role of Huseynov in civil society and is concerned about his current situation, said the same source.

US-based Committee to Protect Journalists called on the government of Azerbaijan to stop the prosecution of Huseynov and create the conditions for him to work without the threat of arrest and freedom of movement.

Program coordinator of the Committee for Europe and Central Asia Nina Ognianova said that forcing the human rights activist to flee into a foreign embassy is shameful for the Azerbaijani government.

Recall that Emin Huseynov has lived under the protection of the Swiss Embassy in Baku since August 2014. The prosecutors opened a criminal case against him on charges of illegal business activities and tax evasion. -06D-

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