Jamil Hasanly - Chief of the City Police e exceeds his authority

Baku / 22.01.19 / Turan: A statement by the head of the Baku police department that at the rally of the National Council of Democratic Forces on January 19, law enforcement agencies stopped attempts of mass disorder is unreasonable and this cannot be an argument for banning protest actions, stated the head of the National Council, Jamil Hasanly, commenting on the statement of the Metropolitan Police chief Mirgafar Seyidov to the local media. The latter asserts that he appealed to the Executive Power of Baku with a call not to allow rallies of the National Council.

Hasanly noted that the Baku police themselves, after the rally on January 19, distributed a message stating that during the rally there were no riots or illegal actions.

However, contrary to the expectations of the government, the rally was widespread and the authorities were scared, that is why such statements are made. As for the appeal of the city police chief to the city authorities, he exceeded his authority, Hasanli said.

"If the next rally of the National Council is not agreed, then we will regard this as a ban on the authorities for peaceful assemblies," he said.

In turn, the leader of the Popular Front Party wrote on his Facebook page that if the authorities do not authorize the rally on January 26, the opposition would hold an unauthorized action. -16D-

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