Kommersant: Putin intends to seriously take up the settlement of the Karabakh

A source in the Kremlin confirmed the “Kommersant”newspaper  that Vladimir Putin intends to revive the peace process for the solution of the Karabakh conflict. In this case, the initiative to settle the conflict will pass from the western mediators in Moscow, the newspaper said. "We used all the diplomatic means to bring the parties to the negotiating table as soon as possible," said the Kremlin source newspaper.

However, the idea of ​​new talks Karabakh was met cautiously, saying that Nagorno Karabakh should participate in the negotiations, not only Armenia and Azerbaijan. In this case the Armenian side says that it is ready to accept a document on the settlement of Kazan, was presented in 2011 Moscow. The essence  is to the liberate seven regions around Karabakh in exchange for recognition of its independence. On April 21-22, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will discuss the situation in Yerevan.

The expert of the Moscow Carnegie Center Alexei Malashenko believes that Putin's actions  are encouraged by active uneasy relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan. "Armenia expresses a growing dissatisfaction with the lack of clear support on the part of Moscow as the leader of the CSTO and the sale of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan.

At the same time, in the relations with Azerbaijan is important  for Moscow to prevent it from falling into the orbit of the full impact of Turkey, said Malashenko. -02D-

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