Loss of Azeri Armed Forces in 2016 Totaled 147, Armenians Lost 165

The loss of Azeri armed forces in 2016 amounted to 147 people, while Armenians lost 165. This is stated in the report received by Turan from the Institute of Military Studies Khazar (Caspian).

In general, according to the monitoring of this research center on the basis of messages and media, the loss of defense and security sectors in the three South Caucasus countries amounted to 318 soldiers.

Of these, 221 died as a result of ceasefire violations, and 97 died in non-combat conditions.

The bulk of the combat deaths fell on the worsening situation in the conflict zone on April 2-5.

According to official data, the loss of the Azerbaijani side totaled 92 people, and the loss of Armenia was 77. However, as noted in the report, it is likely that the losses on both sides were more and the Ministries of Defense of Azerbaijan and Armenia declared that the enemy suffered more losses.

Last year, Azerbaijan lost 147 servicemen, including 109 during the war and 38 in non-combat conditions. Among the non-combat losses 4 servicemen died in car accidents, 10 committed suicide, 5 died from disease, 3 died as a result of acts committed by carelessness, and 4 died for unknown reasons. Eighty-four people were soldiers, 18 - extended service soldiers, 12 - warrant officers, and 33 - officers. 

It is also reported about 60 wounded or injured. Of these, 50 were wounded by Armenian bullets, 5 stepped on mines, 2 suffered in car accidents, 1 was hit by a grenade during exercises, 1 was beaten by police, and another was hospitalized.

There is a possibility that the wounded during the fighting on April 2-5 were more. However, there are no official statistical reports about this.

In the past year, at least during the April events, 18 civilians were killed and 26 were wounded.

Armenia's losses amounted to 165 military personnel, including 112 during the war and 53 in non-combat conditions. Among the non-combat losses 13 people were killed in road accidents, 12 committed suicide, 22 were killed by their fellow soldiers, 4 died as a result of accidents (electric shock or unknown circumstances), and 2 died from diseases.

The Armenian Armed Forces lost 27 officers, 31 contract soldiers and 107 conscripts. All the victims served in the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, including the units in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. 122 incidents occurred in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and the adjacent regions of Azerbaijan, and 43 - on the territory of Armenia.

In the review period 173 Armenian soldiers were wounded. 15 military were injured in car accidents, 7 - in other accidents, and 151 were wounded on the front line.

In 2016, about 20 Armenian volunteers were killed on the front line, and 15 were wounded.

 The Georgian armed forces lost 6 people. One of them died from the H1N1 virus, 3 died as a result of various accidents, and 2 died in car accidents. One of the dead was a Major, and the others were soldiers. All of them were Defense Ministry servicemen.

The Institute Khazar does not exclude that the real statistics of Georgia's losses can be different. The Institute continues to investigate in this direction.

The Institute for Military Studies Khazar (Caspian) operates in Germany. It was created by the Azeri expert Jasur Sumerinli in 2014. -06D--

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