PPFA urged international organizations to condemn the pressure on the "Meydan TV"

Popular Front Party issued a statement condemning the arrest of brother-in –law  of Emin Milli, the  head of  "Meydan" TV. PPFA believes that the arrest of Nazim Agabekova is  a form of pressure on Emin Milli, and urged international organizations to take concrete steps to stop the lawlessness of the authorities of Azerbaijan. Agabeyov Nazim was arrested July 23 and accused of a crime related to drugs. PPFA believes the accusation is baseless and fabricated.

The statement authors remind of the arrest of three relatives of Ganimat Zahid, the head of the "Azerbaijan Saat", noting that the authorities carry out the operation of taking relatives hostage. This  happened  against many members of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, including party leader Ali Kerimli.

PPFA warned authorities that the fight against the freedom of speech is a futile,  and an attempt to silence journalists by arresting  their relatives is unthinkable. Such actions will not bring the authoritarian Aliyev regime longevity,  or eternity. -03 / 04-

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