Pressure is made on the arrested members of the NIDA Movement

Parents of threee youth activists of NIDA Movement   arrested   during the rally on March 10 rejected the services of an independent lawyers. Rasim Azizov, the father of the arrested Mamed Azizov, asked lawyers Asabali Mustafayev and Fakhraddin Mehdiyev to stop protecting his son’s rights,  Turan was told by the lawyer Mustafayev.  

 He said that on Saturday R.Azizov contracted with him and Mehdiyev  for March 12. However, some time later,  Mamed Aziziov, asked the lawyer  not to prtotect his son.  The lawyer does not exclude the possibility that the father did so under pressure of the investigation.
      According to information from NİDA, parents of two other prisoners were told that they themselves will be looking for lawyers.
   Activists of  NİDA Bakhtiyar Guliyev, Shahin Novruzlu and Mamed Azizov were arrested  in the evening of 7 March; National Security Ministry accused them of possessing "Molotov cocktail" and drugs. They were charged under the Articles of the Criminal Code: 234.1 (illegal purchase, possession, and sale of drugs) and 228.1 (illegal possession, carrying, transportation of firearms, explosives, and facilities.)
On March 9, these activists were arrested for three months.
   On March 9 evening  the Public Television of Azerbaijan (ITV)  and private TV channels showed footage  of interrogation of the arrested activists of NIDA Movement. On the footage they gave a confession, saying that members of the organization were going to provide
"violent resistance to the police."
  However, seven members of the board NİDA held a press conference at which expressed the belief that pressure was made on the arrested, and at the same time, they denied plans  on violent methods of struggle. 
    Today, representatives of the Ombudswoman visited  in the administrative order four  activists of Popular Front, who were arrested during the rally on  March 10 - Mohammed Majidli, Babak Hasanov, Turkel Alisoy, and Elvin Baijan, as well as  Ilkin Rustamzade, who was arrested before the rally of the Movement "Free Youth".
They did not complain about the conditions of detention and the treatment, but complained of tightness in Sabail police.—06B-

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