Anar Mammadov: NDİ finances pro-government organizations too

 A campaign against the National Democratic Institute (NDI) of the United States  launched in pro-government media, on  allegedly preparing by this NGO "a color revolution", is defamatory and is aimed at misleading the Azerbaijani public, according to Anar Mammadov, Head of  the Election Monitoring and Democratic Studies Center (EMDS).

This NGO is one of the partners NDI. According to him, the emergence of information on banking  transactions of the NDI, which is a  banking secrecy, suggests that this information was provided by secret services.  At the same time, this is a blow to the image of the banking system of Azerbaijan, and the undermining of credibility, said Mammadov. He called  ridiculous the statements that NDI implements programs for the development of social networks. Such processes happen all over the world, and Azerbaijan is no exception. 
    By the way,  for eight years  this organization  does not implement programs to support political parties. "And it happened because of the failure of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan" to participate in these projects. Since the mission NDI is to work with a wide range of political forces NDI had to stop a program to support political parties. For a similar reason, the International Republican Institute (IRI) stopped  the program to support parties," said Mammadov.
    In recent years, NDI has  been implementing programs of civil society development, including youth movements. One of them is the project "New Leaders", with participation of both  independent youth organization, the opposition and pro-government structure. The main purpose is to promote dialogue  between representatives of different political views. NDİ gives small grants not only to independent youth organizations, but also to  pro-governmental.
   Mammadov also declared unfounded attacks on local staff  of the NDI, Ruslan Asad and speculations about his arrest during a protest rally.
Assad was involved in the action, as a citizen of Azerbaijan.
The  aim  of the campaign to blackmail  the NDI  is a political show in order to keep citizens away from political participation, and create a view that protests  are  initiated from abroad.
On March 10 the journalist Eynulla  Fatullayev  published on  the online  an articles  "$2 million" for Facebook  revolution" in Azerbaijan.
The article said that the representative NDI works with youth organizations in Azerbaijan to prepare the revolution under the scenario of "color revolutions" carried out in other post-Soviet countries. It was argued  that  the NDI uses large sums of money in cash for this purpose.
After that, as if on command, many pro-government media, based on that article  began to attack  the NDİ. The U.S. Embassy has denied accusations against NDI. The NDI has  not commented on the situations.  –06B--

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