Session of Palestinian Ambassadors in Baku

Baku / 05.11.18 / Turan: A meeting of Palestinian ambassadors to Asian countries opened in Baku today. On the eve, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev received Riyadh al-Maliki, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine, and members of his delegation.

According to Aliyev, Azerbaijan always demonstrates solidarity with regard to the Palestinian issue and provides support. The head of state stressed that the meeting of the Palestinian ambassadors to Asian countries in Azerbaijan in Baku on 5 November is a vivid example.

Azerbaijan, in accordance with resolutions and decisions of the UN, supports the settlement of the Palestinian issue on the basis of the principle of the creation of two states. This support is clearly expressed in the framework of international organizations.

Azerbaijan has consistently contributed to the strengthening of Islamic solidarity, Aliyev added.

Riyadh al-Maliki, on behalf of his state, expressed his gratitude to the President for Azerbaijan for organizing the meeting of Palestinian ambassadors, as well as various humanitarian events in support of the Palestinian people.

Riyadh al-Maliki stressed that he highly appreciates the participation and performance of the head of state at the emergency Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit on the issue of Jerusalem, held in Istanbul on December 13, 2017. He expressed confidence that Azerbaijan will successfully chair the Non-Aligned Movement in 2019-2022. -06D-

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