The expulsion of deputies as a new form of public protest

Baku / 06.02.20 / Turan: In recent days, social networks have been filled with video materials about scandals during meetings of deputies of the Milli Majlis with their voters. All these shootings were made by ordinary citizens participating in the meetings.

In all cases, voters express open disrespect for their "chosen ones" and present them with serious complaints. People demand explanations why deputies ignore the requests of voters, do not come to the regions and do nothing for ordinary people.

Claims are made in raised tones and reach a brawl.

The last such incident occurred today in the Salyan region, from where they simply kicked Fazail Agamalyev, who has been a deputy for 20 years.

Earlier, Aydin Mirzazade (Mingechevir), Sahib Alyev (Terter), Chingiz Ganizade (Imishli) and a number of other deputies of the previous convocation fell into similar situations.

This form of protest has become something new, but the main thing is not just a negative attitude towards the deputies, but an expression of public discontent with the authorities. -02B-


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