The National Council approves the procedure of admission to this structure

 Third session of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF)  finished    in the headquarters  of the  "Open Society"  on Tuesday. 

In addition to the already formed committees, it was decided to create a committee on human rights, on the holding of rallies and events, and on women's and youth affairs.

Members of the Committee have been approved.  The election of the leaders will take place at  the next session, scheduled for July 16. Then it is supposed to approve the structure and personnel of the electoral headquarters of the single presidential candidate from the NCDF, Rustam Ibrahimbayov.

A procedure for the admission of new members the NCDF was also approved. The potential candidate must win the support of one third of the total  list  of the  NCDF ( for today currently 131.) The decision on the admission will be taken by majority vote at a meeting of members of the NCDF.

The NCDF’s sessions are entitled, if  they include more than half of the listed members.—06C-  


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