The trial in the case of Avaz Zeynalli is coming to end

Trial in the case of the editor of "Khural" newspaper, Avaz Zeynalli, took place today in the Baku Serious Crimes Court chaired  by Ramella Allahverdiyeva .

Testimony was given by the representative of the Ministry of Taxes, who also answered questions from the accused. Zeynalli again rejected accusations of tax evasion.

The lawyer Elchin Sadygov again petitioned to change the measure of restraint on house arrest, but the judge again rejected his petition. 

Zeynalli himself said that every page of  the four-volume case was  falsified.

When the judge announced the list of evidences, the  lawyer Sadigov said that audio recordings, presented by MP Gular Ahmedova was falsified  by investigation. The judge announced the completion of the trial.  The state prosecutor Ramazan  Hadiyev  will be given floor on February 13. 

The trial in the  case of Zeynalli has been lasting since May 2012; he was arrested on October 28, 2011 on the complaint of the deputy Gular Ahmedova of extortion.

Zeynalli is also accused  under the Articles 311.3.3 (bribery for a large amount), and 311.3.4 (bribery by intimidation); the failure of the judgment and tax evasion.

Currently,  Gular  Akhmedova herself is  accused of fraud in the case of the sale of seats in parliament. Moreover, relatives of Sevinj Babayeva, who was also involved in that scandal, and died in Turkey, also accuse Akhmedova of  her involvement in Babayeva’s death. —16B06-



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