Washington Holds the 13th Azerbaijan-US Dialogue on Security


The U.S. Department of State hosted Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov and other representatives from the Azerbaijani government for the U.S. –Azerbaijan Security Dialogue, which met today in Washington, D.C.

    The Azerbaijani delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov, included the Ambassador to the United States Elin Suleymanov, Deputy Minister of National Security Ali Shafiev, Deputy Emergency Minister Rahim Latifov, Deputy Chief of the Frontier Guard Service Farhad Taghizadeh, the head of the Defense Ministry’s department Ramiz Najafov and the deputy head of the State Customs Committee Guloglan Muradly.

      The American delegation was headed by Deputy Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro. It included also Deputy Assistants to the Secretary of State Eric Rubin, Beth McCormick, Ann Witkowski, Justin Siberel, Henry Wooster, Dean Pittman, Simon Limazh, Assistant Secretary of Defense Celeste Wallander, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy William Bryan, as well as the new U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar.

   Referring to the success of the previous Security Dialogue held in 2011 in Baku, Azerbaijan officials focused on a wide range of political-military issues, including cooperation in maritime security, counterterrorism, border security, and countering nuclear smuggling and other aspects of nonproliferation, as well as Azerbaijan’s contributions to the Northern Distribution Network and other initiatives supporting international security efforts in Afghanistan. 

   Both sides positively assessed the level of security cooperation and noted the importance of deepening the partnership.

     They discussed issues of cooperation in energy, maritime and border security, cooperation within international organizations, the situation in Afghanistan, regional security problems and other issues of mutual interest. Security Dialogue between the U.S. and Azerbaijan has been held since 1997. The next round of the dialogue will be held in Baku. -06D-


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