A group of major swindlers is revealed

Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan has reported about  the exposure of an organized group, engaged in fraud to embezzle citizens by  deceiving and abusing  their  trust.

According to the Public Relations Center of the  MNS, an organized group was founded by citizens of Azerbaijan Ilham Jafarov, Ahliman Mamedov,  Eyvaz Bayramov, Natig Asadov, Talib Jabbarov, Samir Mammadov and others

The investigation revealed that in October 2011 Jafarov and Mammadov created a fictitious organization "Union of Economic Development under the Cabinet of Ministers" under the guise of providing long-term  loans for the development of agriculture and farming.

In the forged documents Jafarov was referred to as "the head of the Executive Office of Cabinet of Ministers" under the name "Hajiyev A.S.",  and also introduced himself as a citizen A.Mammadov.

Giving false promises and deceiving people they  stole their property on a large scale. After some time, they created another fictitious organization "The Foundation Center for lending under the Cabinet of Ministers."

Jafarov  introduced himself as the "president" of the "Foundation" under the name "Abbasov  Nariman  Zulfugar oglu", Mammadov - "vice-president of the Foundation," and Eyvaz Bayramov an "expert."

Moreover, they have created  "branches" of the fictional "foundation" in the nine regions of the country and Baku.

By  deceiving people,  they "assigned" people, for cash, to non-existent positions, as directors of regional offices  of the fictitious Foundation. 

Other members of the group, gathered in different regions money from citizens promising them to provide long-term loans. Members of the group took money from citizens, promising them lucrative positions.

In general, a damaged caused by the swindlers to citizens amounts 215,000 manat.

In fact, in the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of National Security  filed a lawsuit under Articles 178.3.1, 178.2.2 and 178.3.2 (swindle by organized group with  embezzlement of large scale property of others.)According to the Court decision, those persons were arrested.

The MNS  asked possible victims of the fraudulent group to call. –06D--


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