A representative of the National Television and Radio Company clarified the situation around the broadcasting of NTV + (updated)

Broadcasting of the program of the Russian NTV channel within the framework of licensed cable television packages in Azerbaijan is legal. Turan was told about this by the head of the apparatus of the National TV and Radio Council Togrul Mammadov. The problem is selling cards encoded with special equipment, allowing to receive NTV + programs via satellite broadcasting.

"These cards are sold without a license NTRC for a long time. NTRC appealed to the appropriate authorities with a view to suppress this illegal activity. This is not only illegal broadcasting, but also illegal business, which should be prevented, "Mammadov said. -05 / 06B-


The bill "On the Cable Network of Broadcasting" was discussed today at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Culture. According to Rafael Huseynov, the chairman of the committee, there are 17 cable broadcasters in Azerbaijan. At the same time, in this sphere, there are shortcomings, and it is necessary to adopt a separate law regulating this sphere. The head of the National TV and Radio Council, Nushiravan Maharramli, lamented the illegal cable broadcasting in most multi-storey buildings. The new law is designed to combat this. "We applied to law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Taxes, but there are no results. We do not have the authority to go home, however, state agencies can cope with the solution of the problem," Maharramli said. At the same time, he pointed to the illegality of the broadcasting of the Russian NTV-Plus TV channel in Azerbaijan. Despite appeals to the courts and other structures, this cable network continues to operate, he said. Maharramli also spoke about the problem of advertising distribution on the air of foreign TV channels. This damages the local advertising market. Therefore, cable networks should limit the display of advertising. According to Maharramli, there are 17 individuals and legal entities engaged in cable broadcasting in Azerbaijan, and another 15 are broadcasting via the Internet. As a result of discussions, the bill was submitted to the Milli Majlis for consideration. -16D-

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