Another novelty from Bakcell

Bakcell for the first time in Azerbaijan launched the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) being a state-of-the-art voice technology.

VoLTE provides smartphone users with a higher speed, more clear and uninterrupted voice communication services in the LTE network.

This state-of-the-art voice technology also provides additional benefits for Bakcell subscribers. From now on, it is possible to talk on the phone and use the internet on the LTE network to the full extent. Moreover, VoLTE technology has a positive effect on the battery life of smartphones.

VoLTE service of Bakcell is available throughout our country, including the liberated territories. Thanks to the high-quality LTE network installed by the company in Shusha, the Jidir plain and other parts of Karabakh, Bakcell customers will be able to benefit from VoLTE at the said areas as well.

Dial *303#YES on your phone to check whether it supports the VoLTE technology.

Visit for more detailed information.

In 2021, the mobile network of Bakcell was once again named the fastest in Azerbaijan by Ookla®. Today, with almost 9000 base stations, Bakcell network covers 99.9% of the population of Azerbaijan and 92.6% of the country's territory.

Bakcell, being the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan is a part of NEQSOL Holding.®

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