Азер Гасымлы

Азер Гасымлы

Baku / 05.25.18 / Turan: The Yasamal District Court arrested a member of the Majlis of the Republican Alternative Party for 30 days. He was found guilty under Article 535.1 (disobedience to the lawful requirements of the police) of the Administrative Offenses Code.

This was announced by the attorney Elchin Sadygov.

"In the court, Azer Gasimli was accused of disobeying the police. According to the police, he allegedly spoke obscenely in the street without an exact address. Azer Gasimli rejected this accusation. He believes the true cause of the arrest is his participation in the procession in the center of Baku on May 28 on the occasion of the Republic Day," the lawyer said.

The defense is going to appeal. -0-

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2018 May 29 (Tuesday) 17:01:35

Is Azer Gasimli Detained?

Baku/29.05.18/Turan: Member of the Mejlis of the Republican Alternative Party, Azer Gasimli, was summoned to Yasamal District Police Department, Turan was informed by another member of the Mejlis of the REAL party, Natig Jafarli.

According to him, first Gasimli was summoned to the Prosecutor General's Office, where he had a half-hour conversation. After that, Gasymli went on a call to the Yasamal district police department.

It is not known exactly why Gasymli was summoned to law enforcement agencies.

Jafarli does not exclude that this could be connected with yesterday's action in the center of Baku on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the APR. Azer Gasimli was in the forefront of the participants of this march. Gasymli has been staying is in the building of the Yasamal district police department since 16:00. -06D--

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