Эрик Хачатуров

Эрик Хачатуров

Baku / 29.05.18 / Turan: The public organization "Platform for Peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan" organized the arrival of the Armenians Eduard Bagiryan and Erik Khachaturov who were born and grew in Baku. Bagirov lives in Moscow, at the age of 18 he was sent from Baku to study at the Kharkov Military School, rose to the rank of colonel in the army, now a reserve officer. Bagirov has arrived in Baku for the first time since the Karabakh conflict. He visited the graves of relatives on the maternal line, saw his native house in the district of Krasina in Bailovo. He did not find his relatives: some died, the others left. He met an Azerbaijani who remembers Edward's grandfather. "They remembered how people lived happily in Baku, not interested in the national issue," Bagirov said. He sees the solution of the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict only in such meetings and wants to create the same kind of public organization in Armenia as it helps to communicate to ordinary people of different nationalities. There is no military and diplomatic solution to this problem, only withdrawal in mutual concessions from Baku and Yerevan, Bagiryan believes. "The intelligentsia must meet and openly discuss the problem, end the disruption in their heads," he told Turan. Bagirov expressed gratitude to the Platform and its employee Dilyara Afendiyeva for help in organizing the trip to her native Baku.

Living in Petersburg Eric Khachaturov twice visited Baku for the last three years at the invitation of the Platform. On this visit, he met with his neighbors at the "Eight Kilometer" near the cinema "Sevinj", who showed him an old photo on which Eric saw himself. In an interview with Turan, he spoke out against the zombies of young Armenians and Azerbaijanis, believing that the authorities of Armenia and Azerbaijan do not deal with this problem. "The older generation of the virus of nationalism has not touched much," he noted. -0-

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