Azerbaijani citizen makes scandal on the flight Dubai-Moscow

According to RIA Novosti, the aircraft "Aeroflot" flying at the night on August 26, from Dubai to Moscow made ​​an emergency landing in Yerevan. The reason became  a drunken brawler.

After take-off, one of the passengers began use  bad  words, speak loudly and molest children.

"The young man  at the age 30-35 years old began to molest children and screaming,"  said the witnesses. Because there were stewardess  on the board, they  asked for help  male passengers. They hardly managed to keep a scandal-maker, and tied him to a seat.

At 5 am, the plane made an emergency landing at the airport in Yerevan. "We stood there for 2.5 hours, the pilots tried to pass a man (he was a citizen of Azerbaijan) to local police, but the Armenian authorities refused to accept him, he was handcuffed and doctors of ambulance  made ​​him a sedative injection, and he fell asleep. The plane arrived in Moscow three hours late. The man was taken to police.-0-

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