Car crackers are detained

Baku / 12.03.16 / Turan: Police detained members of an organized criminal group suspected of a massive car break-up, the press service of the Interior Ministry said.

They are Elmar Rzayev, born in 1992 and his brother Veli Rzayev, born in 1993.

The investigation found that the brothers purchased a special electronic device abroad, with which they broke into the security systems of various brands of cars.

In particular, they used a radio device called the "Repeater", which recognizes the algorithms of the vehicle's safety systems, reads information from bank cards. and allows them to be copied.

The head office of Baku city advises drivers not to leave objects in visible places in the car, it is preferable to stop them on illuminated streets, within the coverage of the Safe City cameras, to be careful when opening and closing car doors, when carrying out monetary transactions with bank cards through terminals If there are facts of hacking cars and bank cards, report it to the police. -16D-

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