Eldar Sabiroglu states about the threat to his son in Kuradahan jail

Former MP Eldar Sabiroglu told about threats to his son, former investigator Rufat Safarov in Kurdakhan jail. In an interview with Turan, he said that, despite the Court of Appeal decision on the entry into force of the verdict against Safarov,  he  has not yet been transferred to the jail and  is kept in jail. In addition, a  recidivist was placed to the ward in which Safarov is kept,  he served 25 years,  and is trying to  make a conflict with Rufat. Sabiroglu appealed to the public relations department of the Prison Service, but he was  assured that there is no reason to worry. " They are either  preparing a  provocation against Rufat, or want to create an incident to  file another  lawsuit against him. I am deeply concerned about the fate of my son, and I ask the leadership of Ministry of Justice to take immediate action," said Sabiroglu.

The lawyer Behruz Bayramov  considers illegal keeping Safarov with recidivist in the same ward. "It is wrong to place a recidivist together with a person convicted for the first time, and secondly,  it is not right to keep a former prosecutor with repeatedly judged  who are aggressive against the  representatives of  law enforcement organs," said Bayramov. He noted that after the decision of the appellate court, the convict shall be  transferred to jail within 21 days.

 The head of Public Relations of the Penitentiary Service Mehman Sadigov confirmed that Sabiroglu really appealed to him, and he was given adequate explanation. According to Sadigov,  the statement by Sabiroglu does not reflect the reality and  is  wrong. Former employees of law enforcement bodies are also kept in a ward together with Rufat Safarov.

* Rufat Safarov was sentenced in September 2016 to 9 years in prison on charges of taking bribes, and before that he was fired from the prosecutor's office for "misconduct." On 22 December the Court of Appeal upheld the verdict against Safarov.

His father is a former activist of the ruling party, Eldar Sabiroglu, which has long been a member of parliament, and then the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense, after the dismissal began to criticize the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev for mediocrity, and then an attack  began on Rufat Safarov. -В06-

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