Epizootic situation with avian influenza is stable


No facts of avian flu have been revealed in Azerbaijan, and epizootic situation  with this disease is stable, and is under full control. According to  the press service of the State Veterinary Service, Ministry of Agriculture, in order to prevent the spread of  the avian flu,  since the beginning of the year,  monitoring was conducted  twice the  in poultry and wild birds.

In particular, blood samples were taken from 3954 domestic and wild birds. Laboratory studies  did not found bird flu.

 Monitoring  was conducted  in the National Park  in the Pirallahi,  in the  Sarwan  hunting farm in Shabran  region, Shirvan National Park, in the territory  Ag Gel and the State Natural  reservation Gizilagaj, as well as private poultry farms in different parts of the country.

   In 2007 in the midst of the global epidemic of avian in Azerbaijan, several people died from this  disease. —03C06-- 


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