Ex-diplomat considers founded allegations of a spy network in the government

Former Azerbaijani diplomat Arif Mammadov, who is currently in political emigration believes that the statement of the former KGB officer Yuri Shvets on cooperation Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov with special services of the Russian Federation is founded. "The country has a very powerful network that is working against the state. It consists of the most influential people - ministers, deputy ministers, senior representatives of the presidential administration. Former head of the Ministry of National Security Eldar Mahmudov  was aware of these facts  and  made  relevant  report to leadership. In the near future will emerge more facts about a terrible betrayal,"  Arif Mammadov wrote on his page on facebook.

Former Soviet spy Yuri Shvets who  lives in the United States, said recently, that the  Finance Minister Samir Sharifov was recruited by Soviet foreign  intelligence. Prior to the collapse of the USSR,  he was recruited by the Turks, and through them  the Americans. However, from the middle of the zero years of the 21st century Sharifov  again began to work for the  Russian security services.   Finance Ministry’s spokesman called the allegations by  Shvets   “a delusional fiction.”- 06D--

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