Guler Ahmadova is sentenced to three years in prison (UPDATED)

Baku Serious  Crimes  Court sentenced ex-deputy Gular Ahmadova to three years in prison. She was found guilty under the Articles of the Criminal Code 178.3.2 (appropriation of other's property by abuse of trust  and causing  big damage) and 307.2 ( harboring a serious crime.) The prosecutor asked  to sentence her to four years in prison.

The  Article 178.3.2 provides  penalties from  seven to 12 years  in prison, and  under the Article 307.2 - up to three years.

Independent experts say that under the  Article 178.3.2 , as a rule , the courts provide for a prison sentence  from  nine to 11 years .

It is noteworthy that the editor of "Khural" newspaper, Avaz Zeynalov , who was arrested on the same complaint about the alleged extortion of 10,000 manat , was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Ahmadova was arrested for the video, issued by former Rector of the International University, Elshad Abdullayev. On  the video made by a hidden camera , you can see how Ahmadova and  her partner Babayeva extorted $1 million from Abdullayev for electing him s a deputy. —06D--

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2013 December 02 (Monday) 13:22:02

In the Baku Court of Grave Crimes at the trial of ex-deputy Guler Ahmedova, the defendant made a closing statement on December 2.

She appealed from the courtroom to President Ilham Aliyev, pleading for clemency, given the presence of a small child and a sick person in her family, and her health status.

Ahmedova also stated that she is the same as Aliyev knows her, and she has always supported the right course of Heydar Aliyev.

In her opinion, "time is needed to identify certain truths."

The sentencing is scheduled today at 15.00.

Earlier, the prosecutor asked the court to sentence Ahmedova to 4 years of imprisonment.

Recall that Ahmedova is accused of fraud and embezzlement in a large scale and harboring serious crime. The articles on both crimes presume imprisonment for up to 12 years with confiscation of property.

The reason for her arrest was a video released by the former Rector of the International University Elshad Abdullayev. On these shots taken with a hidden camera, it is possible to see how Ahmedova and her accomplice Babayeva extort $ 1 million from Abdullayev for his election as MP. -06D -



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