IRFS employees are interrogated in the Prosecutor"s Office

At 15 am on Tuesday Tatiana Kriuchkin, an accountant of the of the Institute of Reporters Freedom and Safety (IRFS) was summoned to the  Prosecutor Office for in the second interrogation, who was interrogated  for more than three hours.  First time she was interrogated on August 21.  A day earlier, on 25 August, another employee IRFS Abulfat Namazov, and on 14 August, the deputy Director of the NGO Gunay Ismailov were interrogated. The details of the interrogation are not reported, and the IRFS representatives should not disclose secrecy of the investigation. Nevertheless, this issue is no secret, for the investigation tries to find the same thing - where is the director of IRFS Emin Huseynov, where they received funding from, and how it was spent.  Just like in  the case with other NGOs, the prosecution is trying to prove the "illegal business", "tax evasion", etc. As part of the investigation of a dozen NGOs, authorities arrested at least four people.-03B-

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