It is ridiculous to punish the foreman for the destruction of the monument

To punish a foreman for the dismantling of the monument to the outstanding poet, a victim of Stalinist repression,  is the same as to blame the barrier for the collision of trains, said the  coordinator of the Committee of public control for the protection of historical and cultural heritage Aytekin Imranova, commenting on the demolition of the pedestal and the dismantling of the monument to Mushfig.

She noted that the foreman could not take the decision on the dismantling; a foreman is only a performer. Authorities, who took the decision to demolish the monument and the structure that controls the protection of monuments should be punished. She stressed that the monument must be returned to the place in the style and form created by the author. "It is unacceptable to change the place, form and style  of the monument. The monument is a history, and the fruit of the imagination of the author. There   is a notion of the copyright. The area where the monument was erected has historical and ideological content," Imranova said.

According to her, in the last few years in Baku during the demolition of neighborhoods  a  lot of historical, architectural and religious monuments were destroyed.

"The destroyed monuments were indispensable for the tourism industry. The country should  changed  the attitude to the history, architecture, religion,  and the environment. Monuments  have moral values. It is necessary that in Europe the monuments  have more value  than economic benefits.  The state and society must recognize it," said ekspert.-03B06-

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