Journalist Afgan Mukhtarly suffers from  heart problems - lawyer

Baku/09.08.17/Turan: The arrested journalist Afgan Mukhtarly had heart problems, but in the jail they do not allow him to heal, said a lawyer of the journalist Neymat Kerimli. According to him, in the first days of August he was examined by doctors. "Doctors told Afgan that he had heart problems and that he had a much faster pulse. The doctors issued a prescription for treatment," said the lawyer. According to him, the recipes were issued to the Baku pre-trial detention center-1 administration. However, almost 10 days have passed, but Mukhtarly has not been given a prescription or medicines. The lawyer intends to apply to the leadership of the pre-trial detention center. Mukhtarli suffers from diabetes, experiencing pain and in the stomach. After his arrest, he lost 21 kg. However, the Penitentiary Service does not comment on the reports on the state of health of the journalist.

* Mukhtarli was abducted on May 29 in Tbilisi and sent to Azerbaijan, where he was charged with illegal crossing police, smuggling, using violence against the border guard. He rejected the accusations. Amnesty International recognized him as a "prisoner of conscience".-05B06-

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