Journalist education requires practice

Effective use of media training to improve the professionalism of journalists was discussed on September 25 at the round table held by the Baku School of Journalism and the office of the Council of Europe. The discussion was in  the «Newsroom» of  Baku School of Journalism (BSJ), which since 2005 has been engaged in professional development and training standards of journalism.

According to the director of BSJ Zardusht Alizadeh, 300 journalists have been trained  there. The training program is designed for three months and covers a variety of areas. "In every training period there are 15 places, which are selected on the basis of competition,"  he said.

Ruken Barish, a representative of the Dutch organization FreePress Unlimited (donor BSJ), said that the strategy of supporting such projects  is built with  consideration of the universal training of journalists  according to the "three in one" principle.

"The development of the internet requires the possession of text  writing skills, audio and video training materials, their installation and post on a web resource," she said.

Known experts  on journalism Gulu Maharramli and Zeynal Mammadli, who also teach in the BSJ, called for strengthening the practical side of the training process, greater emphasis on practice.

According to Zeynal Mammadli is important  to combine ethical and professional standards in the educational process, without which journalists can not serve the principles of truth and will not be able to balance the interests in the preparation of materials.

Graduates of the BSJ having a diploma of journalism faculty of Baku State University, admitted that the basic skills of the profession they have learned in  the journalism school. One of them is Aygun Nurgunesh, who won first places in various media competition, she became a teacher of the BSJ.

It was suggested to start a one-year training  in the BSJ and creating web-laboratory for students, as well as  journalists interested in professional development of journalists.—0—


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