Kelbajar partisans are charged

  Resident of  Kalbajar  region of Azerbaijan,  Dilgam Askerov and Shahbaz Guliyev  have been charged   by Armenian separatists with committing acts of sabotage, espionage, murder, illegal border crossing.

In early July, the Armenian side announced  about two saboteurs who  came to the  Armenian-controlled side. Shahbaz Guliyev was arrested immediately.

A few days later was arrested Dilgam Askerov. Another citizen of Azerbaijan (Hasan Hasanov) was killed. According to the version of the Armenian side, he resisted  the arrest.

According to the same source, the above-mentioned persons killed two men and wounded one Armenian woman.

As evidence of "subversive" activities, Armenians put  on Internet survey with  Dilgam Asgarov’s telephone. However, this video evidence shows that  former residents  of Kalbajar  visited  their  native village, which was occupied in 1993. They walk through the woods,  make barbecue and talk about Kalbajar.

Official Baku has demanded the release of these citizens, stating that they are not saboteurs,  and simply wanted to visit their homeland.

Kalbajar  is one of the seven districts around Nagorno-Karabakh, occupied by Armenians during 1993-94. -02В-

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