Lawyers speak at the NIDA trial (video)

At the trial of NIDA activists in the Court of Grave Crimes lawyers concluded their speeches today.

The defendants themselves have carried out a 9 day hunger strike. Before the meeting, the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli urged young people to stop hunger and protect their health.

The parents of the young people also called for the end of the hunger strike. However, the defendants refused.

The defendant Ilkin Rustamzadeh asked the judge to urge the Prison Service to change their vehicle, as vehicles carrying them have no air conditioning and the starving tolerate the transport hard.

Further the lawyer Elchin Sadigov spoke. He said that "the trial is over freedom of speech and expression " and urged the defendants to justify .

The lawyer Khalid Baghirov also declared unsubstantiated accusations and mass procedural violations.

So, while the operatives had only a sanction for inspection and not for search, all the apartments of the accused were searched.

They falsified protocols of the examinations and testimony and violated the rights of the accused to defend themselves. The lawyer called the prosecution of Ilkin Rustamzadeh "unprecedented disgrace."

The young man is charged with disorderly conduct, but there is no fact of socially dangerous acts and the victim. Rustamzadeh is actually blamed for what others have done - dance performance Harleme Shake and putting it online.

Next the last lawyer, Rashid Hajili was to speak, defending 4 of the accused, but because of his foreign trips, the defendants asked the court to continue the process without his participation.

Next defendant Rashadat Ahundov asked for time to prepare for the final speech . The judge scheduled the next hearing on May 1. -1606D-

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