Media Review for April 16, 2020

The consequences of the Corona Virus pandemic for the country's socio-economic life are the topic of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan claims that the economy of Azerbaijan will come out of the test with a pandemic with minimal losses. The country has insured its economy against unexpected shocks. The situation is under control, thanks to a sound social policy of the head of state.

The authorities provided assistance to over 600 thousand citizens. In the first quarter, 2.3 million citizens received social payments in the amount of 1.5 billion manat. 16.6% of labor pensions were indexed.

The website discusses with the deputy Vahid Ahmedov the situation with the unemployed receiving state aid of 190 manat. It follows from the head of state’s speech at the April 14 meeting that the number of appeals is greater than the number of unemployed.

The head of state instructed to deal with this issue so that there is no fraud. However, the deputy believes that it is not the citizens who are to blame, but the State Statistics Committee, which gives incorrect information about the number of unemployed. If the number of unemployed is 5%, then where does this number come from?

The deputy believes that those who incorrectly inform the President of the country should be punished.

The website writes about stagnation in the housing market. There are no buyers, and companies selling housing do not reduce prices. Naturally, the situation is affected by the Corona Virus epidemic. For sale you need to reduce the cost of housing. In total, a decrease in market activity has been observed for a year. At the beginning of this year, the number of mortgages also decreased.

The website discusses the decline in oil demand. As a result of the decision adopted by OPEC + on April 9, the current oil price was $ 29, although before that it had cost $ 33-35.

This is due to several factors: the IMF made rather pessimistic forecasts about the situation in the world economy. So, as a result of the pandemic, the global economy will decline by 3% this year.

The economic downturn is taking place in 157 countries. The IMF predicts the price of oil this year to be around $ 35. It will be possible to restore the situation only by 2022.


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