Media Review for April 27, 2020

The fight against the Corona Virus pandemic, the economic damage from the quarantine regime, and credit facilities for citizens are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that the fight against the Corona Virus has positive trends due to timely measures by the country's leadership.

The quarantine has been extended until May 4, but on April 27, some concessions were made. More than 60 percent of patients with the Corona Virus recovered.

ASAN Khidmet has begun to operate and will provide over 320 services.

 Since April 1, 38,766 people have been brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the quarantine regime.

The website writes about the damage to the economy due to the quarantine regime. According to the Minister of Economics Mikail Jabbarov, damage was caused even to large enterprises due to downtime. It is important that business structures can adapt to new conditions. However, compliance with sanitary rules is necessary, otherwise the quarantine regime will be reinforced again.

The website writes about the injustice in the distribution of apartments in houses for journalists, since apartments were received by people having nothing to do with journalism. Recently, more and more demands are being heard to investigate the activities of the State Media Support Fund.

The Mə website writes that the delay in repaying loans from March 1 to September 30 will not spoil the credit history of citizens. This means that the Central Bank recommends that banks do not charge interest for late payment of loans.

The Mortgage Fund will restructure loans issued before March 1 and benefits will be applied until September 30.


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