Media Review for February 6, 2020

The importance of state programs in the development of regions, the possible impact of the epidemic in China on the Azerbaijani market of non-ferrous metals, the small volume of business loans, the high prices and the increase in deaths from lung diseases are the topics of today's media.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the importance of state programs in the development of the country's regions, which began in 2003. The first year of the state program for the period 2019-2023 has been completed. In his speech on February 3 on this occasion, President Ilham Aliyev noted that since 2003, the economy of Azerbaijan has grown 3.4 times. According to him, this is a record figure in the world.

Over 16 years, industrial production increased 2.7 times, agriculture - 2 times, commodity circulation - 6.4 times, and export - 7.6 times, including non-oil exports - 5.2 times.

Over 16 years, the average salary increased 11 times, and the average pension icreased 8 times, and housing was provided to 300 thousand internally displaced persons and 6,700 martyrs. The current state program is the fourth in a row.

The website discusses the possible impact of the epidemic in China on the non-ferrous metals market in China, as a result of which demand in the global non-ferrous metals market has declined. So, the cost of copper decreased by 11.7%, amounting to 5,562 dollars per ton, aluminum fell by 4.6% and nickel - by 8.7%. Experts believe that the fall in prices on the world market of non-ferrous metals will not particularly affect the Azerbaijani market, since it is not so large.

The website discusses with the expert Akram Hasanov the preference of banks in issuing consumer loans rather than business loans. The preference in issuing them is explained by a high interest rate, in contrast to business loans.

Thus, banks earn less on business loans. In addition, consumer loans are easier to repay, since a simple citizen is helpless in front of a bank than an entrepreneur who can hire a lawyer and win the case. The reluctance to issue business loans is also due to the lack of a fair judicial system.

The website discusses the rise in prices in the country with MP Vahid Ahmedov. Traders use every chance to raise prices, including even raising salaries and pensions. For example, over the past month, the price of butter has increased by 80 gap. - 1 manat. A rise in price is also felt in detergents. According to Vahid Ahmedov, price policy in Azerbaijan is an incurable disease.

The website writes about pulmonary diseases and the increase in the number of deaths from these diseases. So, in 2019, 114 deaths were recorded at the Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases. Even in recent days, several deaths occurred in the research institute one after another. The article provides more statistical data than explanations of the causes of the deaths.


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