Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the reasons for the decline in foreign trade income, the situation around banks that are closing down, reforms in the law enforcement system, as well as the parliamentary view of arrests, are topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan continues to write about the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, noting that this topic, as well as the situation in the oil market, is still in the spotlight.

The author cites the statements of Ilham Aliyev that the only way to insure against danger is the development of the non-oil sector, personnel reforms, especially in the law enforcement system.

The Azadlıqinfo website writes that Azerbaijan’s income from foreign trade operations decreased by 27 times or by 96%. At such a pace, it will be impossible to maintain the country's Balance of Payments.

The real volume of imports in January, compared with the same period last year, decreased by 45%, and in February - by 25%.

Currency losses cannot be avoided. In February, the country's income from foreign trade amounted to only 53 million dollars, which is 676 million dollars (93%) less than the same period last year.

We can confidently talk about the deficit of the Balance of Payments.

In 2018 and 2019, in order to maintain the balance of payments, it was necessary to spend an average of $ 1.8 billion per month, of which 74–75% were income from foreign trade.

The Bizimyol.info website discusses the situation around the closing 4 banks.

The liquidation of the licenses of Atabank and Amrahbank was ambiguously perceived by experts. They criticized the closure of banks, in which the amount of deposits is 850 million manats. Banking legislation is designed so that the Central Bank can close the bank without reporting to anyone.

Experts believe that these banks should not have been closed, and they should have been given funds to repay deposits. Each closing bank undermines confidence in the banking system.

The website Sfera.az discusses the topic of bureaucratic entrepreneurship, which in the near future will be impossible to stop. Since there are always officials in society who impede the implementation of certain reforms, turning the situation in their favor and putting their interests above all else.

There is dissatisfaction in the society with law enforcement agencies, especially with unfair court decisions.

The website Azpolitika.info criticizes MP Bahruz Mammadov, who defended the arrested head of the executive branch of Bilasuvar region, Mahir Guliyev.

The deputy advises journalists not to scold Mahir Guliyev, despite the facts of corruption.     ------00--------


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