Media Review June 5, 2019

The significance of religious and national-moral values, the search for true reforms, and the impact of the exchange rate on the incomes of SOCAR are the leading themes of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about material, national, moral and religious values ​​on the background of the Ramadan holiday, which is a big event in the Islamic world.

Celebration of many dates associated with Islam became possible after the country gained independence; the Islamic factor played an important role in the struggle for it. Now in the country along with secular holidays religious holidays are also celebrated.

The website talks about true reforms with expert Rovshan Agayev.

The reforms announced by the authorities in the social, agrarian and tax spheres, as well as in the system of social protection, education, health and customs do not give the desired effect, despite the fact that the new mechanisms are more progressive than the old ones.

The author does not consider the adoption of a new Regulation on the executive bodies as institutional reforms. There should be accountability to the people and independence from the center, and election to local governments.

The author also concerns the monopoly reigning in the country. Over the last 4-5 years, about 40 large agro holdings have been established, associated with oligarchic groups.

The website writes that a change in the exchange rate causes great damage to SOCAR. The author writes that the expenses of this structure are more than revenues, citing specific figures. The change in the exchange rate caused SOCAR damage in the amount of 698 million manat. -0----

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