Ministry of Health: oilmen injured by fire on the platform "Gunashli"  are  provided  psychological  assistance

The Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan does not agree with the statement in the press that the family members of missing as a result of the fire at the oil platform "Gunashli" has not been provided  psychological assistance.

" On 6 December 2015 at 12:30 on behalf of the Ministry of Health a group of experts of the Center for Mental Health (CAP), the Ministry of Health of AR was sent to the office of SOCAR to provide psychological assistance to victims and family members of missing persons as a result of the fire on the platform "Gunashli" ", Turan was told by the  spokesman for the Ministry of Health Lia Bayramova.

The group consisted of the following experts:

Kamal Talibov - head of the  Department of Emergency Psychological Aid CAP

Aysel Babayeva - Clinical Psychologist

Gunel Guliyeva - Clinical Psychologist

Gunel Aliyeva - psychiatrist

Aygun Sultanova - Clinica Psychologist

Khudaverdi Mammadov - Clinical Psychologist

Elnara Bakhshali - child psychologist

For five days in the office of SOCAR were  organized duty of  specialists in psychology, and during that time was provided emergency psychological assistance to 22 individuals from among the victims and their families.

Subsequently it was decided to direct seeking psychological assistance directly to the Mental Health Center, which is located next to the office of SOCAR, which has helped six other citizens.

"Management of SOCAR  was in constant communication with our Center, and appreciated our work," said Bayramov.

Previously Turan reported that a fire  took place  on  the platform "Gunashli" on December 4 last year  as a result of 10-point storm. Thirty two people were rescued, 13 oil workers died, and 18 people listed as missing.—0—

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