Moscow Wants Nadir Salifov�s Extradition to Russia

Baku / 10.10.18 / Turan: Law enforcement agencies of Russia sent a request to Turkey to extradite the criminal authority Nadir Salifov detained in Istanbul on October 8.

Salifov, known in the criminal world under the nickname Lotu Guli, is accused of abduction, extortion and banditry in Russia. Moreover, according to the investigators, he led the criminal mafia activity through videoconferences, Rosbalt News Agency reported.

According to the same source, Russian law enforcement officers sent documents to Turkey, stating that Salifov is on the international wanted list and the Russian Federation is asking for his extradition to Moscow.

In August, Salifov was already detained in Montenegro, where he had gone to celebrate his birthday on August 28. In the airport Salifov was detained as a person being on the international wanted list. However, the Montenegrin authorities refused to extradite him and released him. The refusal was justified by the fact that Salifov could not commit these crimes in Russia, as he had been in an Azerbaijani prison for many years.

Note that ethnic Azerbaijanis Nadir Salifov is from Georgia, but has no Azerbaijani citizenship.

It is noteworthy that the Istanbul police report on the detention of Salifov noted that he is the leader of the Azerbaijani mafia and will be extradited to Azerbaijan. However, the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan still have not commented on this issue. The question of why Salifov was released from prison in Azerbaijan a year ago and quietly went to Istanbul, where he did his usual work, still remains unclear. -02D-

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