New Charges Put Forward Against Former Chief of National Security Ministry of Nakhchivan

Against the former Minister of National Security of Nakhchivan Veli Aleskerov a new charge of illegal tapping has been put forward, Turan was told by his lawyer Vugar Khasayev.

Recall that the arrested ex-minister was initially charged of embezzling state property (179.3.2), position abuse (308.1) and abuse of power (309.1) of the Criminal Code.

On May 24, a new charge of illegal tapping of telephone conversations (Article 308.2) was put forward. At the same time the previous charges have been tightened, the lawyer said.

According to Khasayev, wiretapping is not related to the family of the head of Nakhchivan Vasif Talibov. However, the lawyer did not specify who was illegally listened by Aleskerov.

Recall that the former chief of the National Security Ministry of Nakhchivan was dismissed in December 2015 and arrested in February 2016.

On March 29, he was transferred to house arrest, but on May 7 he was arrested again, This happened after the ex-minister's lawyers handed the media his complaints of torture and pressure, as well as the confiscation of all the property and business from Aleskerov and all his relatives.    -05B-

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