Parents of Elina Hajiyeva Dissatisfied with Investigation

Baku / 07.16.19 / Turan: Sevil Huseynova - the mother of the 8th grade school No. 162 schoolgirl Elina Hajiyeva who committed suicide on April 4, as well as the lawyers Emin Isayev, Sevinj Aliyeva and Azer Nagiyev held a press conference. Before holding the press conference, Sevil Huseynova received a call from the prosecutor's office and was warned that the investigation had not yet been completed and she had no right to reveal the investigation secret.

Lawyer Azer Nagiyev noted that the injured party is unhappy that the preventive measure against the school director Sevinj Abbasova - house arrest has been extended. The defense intends in this connection to appeal this decision.

The lawyers noted that the crime committed is categorized as serious; therefore they are unhappy with the director"s house arrest. They want to a preventive measure in the form of arrest to be selected.

By all likelihood, this term of house arrest will be counted for Abbasova and deducted from the real term that the court will issue. In addition, under house arrest, she can influence the investigation. We want every official to know that every wrong action can be punished," he said.

Aydin Hajiyev - Elina's father said, despite the fact that the investigation has been going on for three months now, there is no progress. "We want to know who is to blame. Why are not doctors involved? When Elina went to hospital, the doctors did not even approach her. She was not even dressed, and the hand of the doctor did not touch Elina."

Elina's mother, Sevil Huseynova, noted that director Sevinj Abbasova should have called an ambulance in the first place, but she did not do this for two hours.

"Nevertheless, she is under house arrest, although it is clear to everyone that it"s the director who is to blame for not having Elina with us," she said.

The lawyers noted that the course of the investigation worried them and Elina's parents. The investigation rejected a request for an independent examination with the participation of a commission. The request for the opportunity to ask the deputy head of the executive power Khalida Bayramova, who is a witness on the case, was not responded at all.

The course of the case is aimed at blaming only the principal. However, the investigation into other persons, including doctors, which the lawyers insist on, is not conducted.

The lawyers added that the Baku Main Police Department is not conducting investigative actions on the fact of insulting the grave of Elina Hajiyeva.

The lawyers cannot contact the persons responsible for this in order to find out at what stage the investigation is, and no information is provided.

The participants of the press conference stated that their only requirement is justice.

Recall that on April 4, 2019, Elina Hajiyeva, a student of VIII grade of school No. 162, died after throwing herself from the third floor of the school. The school administration explained this with the student"s family problems.

On April 6, the Baku City Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case under Article 125 (bringing to suicide). During the investigation, the school director Sevinj Abbasova was dismissed and put under house arrest. The head teacher and the psychologist of the school were also dismissed. -0-

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